Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Male fitness modeling has different standards than bodybuilding

The first questions a young guy should ask if if he wants to be a bodybuilder, or does he want to be a male fitness model for magazines which feature leaner guys such as FitnessRX or websites such as Strengthnet or Al American Guys? If a college guy wants to get into male fitness modeling (not bodybuilding) getting lean is important.

A camera can add 10 pounds to any appearance. Maintaining a lean, toned body for fitness modeling requires diligence.

Some college guys feel they have to "gain weight" before they are photographed for fitness-type modeling. This is not necessarily true. Our male model photographer says that a defined, toned physique is preferable for fitness modeling and is more important than gaining weight or getting bigger. Our male model photographer can make a 160 lb. guy look awesome!

Defined muscles provide edges that a camera can record Guys with the bigger, bulkier bodies without much definition appear "plump" on film. The best male fitness models are always those with little body fat and more defined muscles, even if those muscles are not very big! The good news is that during a fitness modeling shoot, male models usually lose water and lean-up tremendously because they perspire from the heat after a few days on location.

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