Monday, July 10, 2006

Fitness Modeling is Sometimes a Ruse to Get Young Guys into Porn

Often times fast-talking dudes from New York or Los Angeles will phone some athletic young guy and start bedazzling him by dropping names of magazines and campaigns his models have done.

He says "Our models have appeared in Fitness RX, Men's Fitness"... blah blah blah and then slips in that "We also cast for a few adult projects".

Truth be told, it is likely that he has no fitness magazine opportunities and if he does, it is for some thinly veiled homoerotic fitness magazine which shows models doing squats in speedos. It is likely he wants you to get into jackoff videos, and there are no fitness modeling opportunities.

With the exception of Rob Sager, it is highly unlikely the fitness industry is going to book from an agency that also books porn. It takes contracts with supplement companies to earn substantial money in fitness modeling. Are these organizations going to tend to work with people in porn?

So, when a person on the phone mentions "adult productions" casually in passing. Move on. When they mention "Playgirl style projects", ask the exact name of the project. They are likely mentioning the Playgirl name to give legitimacy to their real (sketchy) endeavor.

Remember, no model release can be truly encompassing of every angle and protect you - so you must rely on the reputation of the person you are dealing with. Don't be afraif to ask for the name and email of a young guy who they have already worked with. If there relationship with that guy had no problems, there should not be a problem with supplying you their email address as a reference..

Make Fitness Modeling Audition Photos Simple

How to create simple, snapshot-style photos for male modeling auditions

Guys do not need to submit professional male modeling photos to audition for fitness modeling.

Well-lit digital snapshots your roommate or friend shoots for you after lifting weights is fine for for most needs.

Most guys lose sight of what casting directors and decision makers want: to see what a potential male fitness model who lives thousands of miles away really looks like.

Here is the point: they do not care about what your fireplace, or sofa, or bedroom posters look like. They want to clearly see your body. Some guys make a big production of audition photos, taking time to create "nice photos" with a good settings. Well, the more of your living rom you include, the less of your body is viewable to the person who makes decisions.

Here are some tips for creating audition photos:

We do not care where the photos are taken. Outdoors or indoors is fine. The background is unimportant! The more you include of the room, the less we see of your body.

The person shooting the photos should stand close enough to you so not much background is visible in the picture. We want to see you -- not your living room!

Turn on every light in the room. The more light the better. Shadows and darkness is bad.